A Dog on Deck

Despite my obvious interest in the beer industry, I only have limited experience working behind a bar. So far, I’ve poured pints at CAMRA beer festivals, my own Festival of Brewers and some other special events hosted by local breweries. So, when an opportunity to become a ‘Dog on Deck’ came up with Brewdog, I thought it was a good chance to really see the behind the scenes working of a busy City Centre bar.

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My Lithuania Beer Adventure Part III – Genys

Earlier this year, I began a series of articles about my trip to Lithuania and, specifically, a tour of some of its wonderful and varied breweries. Day one of my trip saw me start out in Kaunas, first at Apynysand then Avilys. My third stop of the day would take me to a fascinating brewery that would not look out of place if it were part of the UK craft brewing scene – Genys Brewing Co. 

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