Clink, Birmingham

I spent the last weekend in Birmingham and came across an excellent bar. Featured within the Custard Factory, which is Birmingham’s creative centre, is Clink.

Assuming it takes its name from clinking glasses, Clink is a simple but cracking bar. The décor is very straight forward, lots of wooden benches, with individual chairs and tables dotted around the location. Although the venue is quite small, it does have two rooms on the ground floor and an upstairs area accessible by spiral staircases in both rooms. I was there from Saturday evening until late, where chilled music was being played and the ambience was relaxed.

Being greedy, having two beers at once

So, what stands out about this place? The beer, of course! There is a choice of 8 beers on tap, supplemented by a big selection of bottled and canned beer (200 according to the website). A real beer drinkers den.

Spoilt for choice

The beers on tap weren’t a ‘safe’ selection either, lots of different beers from some popular breweries of the moment, like Cloudwater, Deya, Partizan and Brew by Numbers. Even better, the beers on tap are available in third of a pint measures, meaning it’s realistic to try them all without needing help back to the hotel!

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Although they have a big selection of bottles and cans, I didn’t foray into this as I had enough with the beers on tap. I did notice however that the same day as my trip here the Beer Bazaar Brum festival was taking place; Clink were supplying the bottles and cans. Testament, then, to their selection.

If you find yourself in Birmingham, this is definitely a place you should be checking out.

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