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Based in Keighley, Wishbone Brewery will be travelling the furthest to bring beer to Festival of Brewers. Brewing since 2011, head brewer Adrian Chapman has proven himself to be a quality beer producer, and he isn’t afraid to offer an opinion or two on the beer industry.

A Former Warehouse

Although the Wishbone concept was born in 2011, it took three more years before Adrian and his wife Emma got some real traction behind Wishbone Brewery. Creating a brewery in somewhere like Keighley is tough. With neighbours Timothy Taylor already a well-established brand, locally and nationally, it’s not easy to break into a market that already trusts the local brand.

But, Adrian already had some brewing experience under his belt, having evolved from home brewer, to brewing team leader at Saltaire Brewery. This, coupled with a different approach to beer styles compared to that of Timothy Taylors, has made Wishbone a really interesting and exciting addition to the Yorkshire beer scene.

Inside the warehouse

Their home is a former warehouse, and the space is huge. Set over two floors, they currently only use the ground floor area as the brew house. The ground floor also hosts regular monthly events, for people to come enjoy the beers where they are brewed. Upstairs is a large open space where, given the right idea, time and investment, could be something very special.

Passionately Outspoken

Adrian isn’t one to shy away from offering his opinions either. Whether it be on the topic of finings and hazy beer, to his thoughts on SIBA. More recently, he offered his passionate thoughts on the Small Brewers Duty Reform Coalition which threatens the very future of every brewery that is taking part in Festival of Brewers.

“There are a group of big brewers out there that will quite happily take our livelihoods away…” starts Adrian on his blog post. “We really love what we do, and we want to get to a position of actually taking a real wage out of the company, paying our staff more money and hopefully growing our little business to a sustainable level. So, let’s not let them screw us over!”

Here is a man, passionate about his craft, about his industry, and equally if not more importantly, his own beliefs and ethics. You can read more of Adrian’s thoughts on his blog HERE.

Shiny fermenting vessels

In Wishbone beers, you’ll find a challenge to the normal, with regular differing styles. Some of which will make it to Festival of Brewers. ‘Tiller Pin’ is a terrific session pale that’s proving to be popular. Supporting that will be a double black India ale, and an unfiltered lager, amongst many others. Wishbone’s bar will certainly have plenty of choice!

Festival of Brewers

Ahead of the festival, Adrian shared with me some more detail on Wishbone’s beers, and also his thoughts on participating in Festival of Brewers.

What kind of beers do you usually brew?

We brew a broad range of beer styles from Blondes, Bitters, IPAs, Stouts & Porters, DIPA, NEIPAs and more recently properly Lagered Lagers. We are always bringing new beers to drinkers and rotate through an ever-growing portfolio of recipes whilst still dipping our toe back into some of our older favourite

Outside of the Festival of Brewers, where can your beers be regularly found?

Good places to try our beers are, The Boat House in Skipton, The Cap & Collar in Saltaire, Idle Beerhouse in Idle Bradford, Bar 13 in Settle & The Tapsters Promise in Colne. Or come to the brewery about twice each month when we open the doors on a Friday between 4.30 & 10pm and then a Saturday 12 until 7pm Check our website & social media for dates, 8 beers available across Cask & Keg.

What beers can we expect from your brewery at Festival of Brewers?

We’re bringing a wide selection of our beers, including ‘Tiller Pin’ our 4.2% session pale, ‘Gohan’ our 5.5% unfiltered lager, and ‘Lupulonimbus’ our 7.5% double IPA.

This will be available at Festival of Brewers

What are you most looking forward to about Festival of Brewers?

We hope it will introduce our beers to more drinkers and potential customers in and around Leeds City.

What would you say to people who are still thinking about attending, who haven’t got a ticket yet?

Buy a Ticket! Take a break from all the breweries that are always at ALL the in-crowd-beer-festivals and come and give us local guys a go, you will be pleasantly surprised

The Plug

The first ever Festival of Brewers event takes place on 29th and 30th June 2018, with New Craven Hall hosting, which can be found just one-mile South of Leeds City Train Station.

All too often, independent beer festivals choose to focus their attention on the same, larger, popular UK craft breweries. This makes it difficult for the hundreds of smaller breweries across the UK to share the spotlight. Festival of Brewers aims to address that by only showcasing the small and independent breweries.

You can find out all the information, including participating breweries and street food vendors, tickets and how to find the venue on the website www.festivalofbrewers.co.uk.

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