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When you have a metropolitan area as large as Leeds’, it means there’s plenty of places to enjoy great beer. Joining my friends from Leeds CAMRA, I recently took a trip around Guiseley. It’s not an area of Leeds I’m overly familiar with, so it was a great opportunity to visit some new pubs and taste some new beer.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion

Our first place visited was the Red Lion, half a mile away from Guiseley train station, on The Green. The Red Lion is home to one of Leeds’ newest Breweries – St Oswald’s. The beer is brewed downstairs on a small plant, and served exclusively in the pub.
Entering the pub, it’s fair to say live sport is a theme, with plenty of TV screens showing Sky Sports. There are a few distinct areas in the pub, a larger seating area by the bar and a smaller one to your right as you enter through the front door. There’s also a room with a pool table too.

St Oswald’s Beers

On the bar, four hand pulled ales and a range of ‘premium’ draft keg products (Guinness etc.). There were two St Oswald’s Brewery beers on the bar, ‘Irish Red’ and ‘Rookie’s Blonde’. The condition of the beers was very good, smooth and creamy. However, they were both a little too sweet for my personal taste. Alongside the two house brewed beers, were Sharp’s ‘Doom Bar’ and Cross Bay’s ‘Sunset Champion’. After a couple of halves and a bit of football on the TV (Leeds United vs. Sheffield United), it was time to move on to the next stop.

Guiseley Factory Workers Club

Guiseley Factory Workers Club

If you follow the goings on of Leeds CAMRA, then Guiseley Factory Workers Club will be a familiar name. This place is a regular winner of the annual ‘Club of the Year award’, making it’s name by providing a range of well looked after cask beers.

Here, also live sport is shown, although not as many screens as the Red Lion. It was still difficult to avoid watching a struggling Leeds side losing to their Yorkshire rivals. The GFCW has the main bar seating area with large space for pool too. Off behind the bar, a function room that over the years has hosted a few local and regional CAMRA events.

On the bar were four cask ales, with three of them beers I hadn’t seen before. I enjoyed a couple of halves from Lincolnshire Brewery – ‘Yeast Coast Blonde’ and ‘Don’t Be Bitter’. Lincolnshire Brewery were established in 2014 and claim to be the only brewery situated within the historic city walls of Lincoln. As you’d expect at GFWC, the ales were in top condition and both very quaffable.

Two halves consumed (of beer and football), it was time to move on to another well known Guiseley drinking spot.



A Market Town Taverns venue, Coopers is arguably Guiseley’s most well known pub. Designed in the style of some modern City Centre pubs, Coopers probably has the widest range of cask, ‘craft’ keg, bottled and canned beers in Guiseley. Coopers is actually one of the few places I have visited before in Guiseley.

It’s a good sized venue with lots of seating in the areas away from the bar. The bar area itself seems to be more reserved for standing room only, with a few high tables and lots of space. To the right of the bar, there is a white tiled wall where the draft beer list is written directly onto the tiles.

On the bar, an impressive 9 hand pulls – mostly ale but I noticed a cider in amongst the choice too. All complimented with a good choice of keg beers dispensed from taps built into the back of the bar.

Having recently attended a Beer Academy course at Sentinel Brewery, it was nice to see one of their beers on the bar. I opted for half of ‘Zf’ which is a session IPA with great citrus fruit flavours (lime and grapefruit). The low bitterness also meant this one was a very easy drinker. I followed this up with a classic and personal favourite of mine – Timothy Taylor’s ‘Landlord’. In excellent condition and tasting as moreish as ever.

The next stop was scheduled to be Morrison’s, where they have a hand pull on in the café. This is the UK’s first and (I think still) only supermarket to have beer on hand pull. A nice novelty, and although many of the party visited, a few of us decided to stick with the pubs for now.

Everybodys All Day Social

Everybodys All Day Social

Nearby to Morrison’s is Everybodys All Day Social. This venue also had a city centre vibe to it – if you’ve ever eaten in Red’s True BBQ or Pieminster in Leeds City Centre, then the style is similar to that.

A large open bar greets you as soon as you walk in, and their’s plenty of seating around; benches, high tables and traditional tables. Here is another decent selection of draft products, with two hand pulled beers available on the bar when we visited – Ilkley’s ‘Mary Jane’ and ‘Pale’.

I spotted a rather funky looking keg tap and decided to give it a whirl – ‘Bavarian Punk Pilsner’. Nothing to do with Brewdog, after a bit of research this turned out to be a Holsten brewed lager.

After an afternoon of beer, the need for food was getting stronger. Although they did food here, we opted to eat in our next venue.

The Potting Shed

The final stop on our planned route around Guiseley was the Potting Shed. Just a few minutes walk away from the train station, this place is very well situated.

This was probably the largest of all the venues visited. A big ground floor area with bar and kitchen, with an upstairs roof terrace to compliment. And, the place was packed out! Easily the busiest we’d seen all day.

A good range of draft products again here, with four cask hand pulls and I lost count of the number of keg taps. If you like Brewdog and live in Guiseley, then this is the place to come. ‘Punk IPA’ on draft, but I also spotted in the fridge ‘Five AM’, ‘Dead Pony Club’, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Jet Black Heart’.

I enjoyed another couple of halves here – Vocation’s ‘Pride and Joy’ and I couldn’t help but get a half of ‘Punk IPA’, which was tasting terrific.

The food here was excellent as well. I opted for the Diavolo spicy pizza, but they also did burgers, pastas; something for everyone.

Other Recommendations

My trip was brief, but it was great to re-visit some places I’ve been before and also check out new ones. I look forward to seeing how St Oswald’s develops as the brewery matures and I’ve no doubt I’ll be back at some point to Coopers and GFWC – Leeds CAMRA favourites.

I was recommended one pub to visit that unfortunately I didn’t have time to do – The Ings. This was suggested by Simon Girt, who’s a Guiseley local. Simon recently posted his own Guiseley pub guide which you can check out here. It includes some of the pubs I’ve written about, but also some I didn’t get chance to visit, like The Ings.

If you want to try drinking somewhere a bit different, then give Guiseley a go!

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2 thoughts on “Grog in Guiseley”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your review of Guiseley… Everybody’s and Pottingshed are welcome new bars to the town and have helped bringing more life to the centre, as the banks leave and pound/charity shops replace them.

    Shame you didn’t try a Vedett at Everybody’s, cracking lager not sold everywhere… Also see you didn’t try a GnT even in the GnT bar on the second floor of the Shed. Maybe next time eh!


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