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Mike’s Tap Room couldn’t function without our great bar staff, here to serve you, our regulars. So, here’s some more information on our team.

Mike Hampshire – Founder

Who Are You?

My name is Mike, I’m born and bred Leeds, West Yorkshire and my passion is beer! I enjoy writing about, talking about and, of course, drinking great tasting and great quality beer. Keen to share my passion and experiences with you, this site has been created to do just that.

As a former Chairman for the Leeds branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (2014-2017) and a current BrewDog Shareholder, I’ve had opportunity to meet some amazing people both in the industry and consumers, which has helped fuel my passion for all things beer.

Since September 2017, I’m proud to say I am a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

What can I Expect from your Posts?

Straight forward – Being a Yorkshire-man, I’m a straight forward guy and that will hopefully come across in my writing. The point of this site is to share my passion and I want to do this in a simple, straight forward way.

Honesty – I want to be honest about how beer and beer-related experiences make me feel, to help you on your own beer journey.

Positive – With the above being said, I want this to be a positive blog site, naturally there will be things that I don’t like or don’t agree with, but I will always aim to focus on the positive.

Matthew Grant – Part-time Bar Bod

Matthew Grant

My name is Matthew. I’m from York and proud of it. After discovering cask ale in my mid-twenties,  I enjoy imbibing when time allows and partaking in trips by rail and bus around God’s Own Country to discover new pubs and new beers.  Mike has very kindly taken me on as a part-time member of staff, so thank you, Mike!

I have been a Committee member of the York branch of the Campaign for Real Ale for about 10 years, including 5 of those as Chairman (2009 – 2014). I am also one of the organisers of York Beer & Cider Festival, which has become one of the largest outdoor festivals of its kind in the north.

I became a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers in 2017.

What can I Expect from your Posts?

Inclusivity – The world of beer can be a daunting place these days. Pubs, bars and beer festivals have countless beers of different styles, colours and strengths, which can sometimes be a bit alienating to the less informed. My aim is to inform beer drinkers and would-be beer drinkers about beer in a straight-forward and un-patronising way, so they can enjoy trying different styles as much as I do, without having to “jump in at the deep end”.

Simplicity – The manufacture of beer is a technical process, some would say art. As such, there are a lot of long words and expressions specific to its production. I hope to keep these terms to a minimum and keep things as understandable as possible.

Locality – My writing covers beer styles from all over the world, however, I always try to bring it back to Yorkshire by referencing local examples of beers so that you can look them up, if you wish.

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