Little Black Dog Brewing Company

Whilst taking in some sunshine and fresh air during a lunch time walk a couple of weeks ago, I happened across a small market taking place at Wellington Place, just by the historic wagon lifting tower. One of the stalls featured a brewery I’d not heard of before – Little Black Dog Beer Company.

Based at Carlton Towers near Selby, this is a family-run small batch brewery which has been built on home brewing experience, specialising in bottle conditioned beers. As a small batch brewery, it enables them to brew a wide-ranging variety of different beers.

Doing a bit more research, and Little Black Dog offer some unique opportunities for beer lovers. First up is the chance to design your own beer which the team will then brew for you. Secondly, they offer ‘Brew School’ where you can participate in a complete brew day with the brewing team. The day includes tasting sessions and you go home with beer and memorabilia.

On the market stall this day, there was a choice of around 10 different beers, including an India Pale Ale (IPA), American Pale Ale (APA) and a Porter amongst others. The two women running the stall were friendly and willing to provide more information on the brewery and how to get hold of their beers. For £10, you could pick up a selection of any 4 bottles, or alternatively they were priced at £3 per bottle, very reasonable.

Some of the many beers Black Dog brew

Although I wanted to buy them all (of course!), logistically I could only carry 4 bottles, so I opted for the £10 deal. I picked up the 4.8% American Pale Ale, an 8% Honey Pilsner, a 4.4% Mango Wheat and 5.9% English Porter. Of the four, the English Porter was my top pick, roast malt flavours leading the way. When I was checking these beers into Untappd, it quickly became apparent just how big Little Black Dog’s catalogue of beers is – I was also told when I was at the market stall that next time I can expect to see an entirely different beer range too.

English Porter

When I bought the beers, I was advised that as these beers are bottle conditioned, it’s best to chill them first, this is to deactivate the yeast sediment and helps settle the beer. I did this, however I noted that once I had poured the beers and they had warmed up a bit, the flavours were much more pronounced – so I suggest either not chilling them so much, or allowing them to warm up before consuming.

If you’re interested in checking out their beers, I’m told that Little Black Dog are a regular stall holder at the monthly Wellington Place Market and the twice a month Leeds Farmers’ Market on Briggate.

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